Signing of lease or rental agreement

Whatever the type of rental (naked or furnished), the lease or "lease" sets the rules that will govern your occupation of the premises, its duration, the terms of payment of the rent and those of its termination.

Most of these rules are laid down by the legislation in force. Most of the rentals are governed by the law of July 6, 1989 amended by the law of July 24, 1994. This law sets the obligations of the lessors and the tenants and establishes limits in order to preserve the interests of each one.

The rental contract must be in writing, dated and signed by both parties.
It is possible that the solidarity surety will be asked to sign it as well.

Read the rental contract carefully and never give cash back to the owner or agency.

For any amount paid in respect of a "reservation", ask for a receipt dated and detailed the reason for payment of this sum (security deposit, rent).

Do not forget, before signing the lease, to provide you with an insurance certificate.
The lack of insurance can lead the owner to terminate your lease.
On the other hand, a lessor can not require you to take out insurance with a company chosen by him.

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