Security deposit and rental fee

Rental fees (or administration fees) : Depending on whether the accommodation is nude or furnished and whether you are in direct contact with the landlord or not, the amount of this fee may be up to one month's rent.
They are fixed freely between the parties and must be clearly displayed at the residences or in the announcements. The cost of the condition of the premises is generally free unless a clause to the contrary is stipulated in the contract of hiring.

The security deposit : Often mistakenly called "caution", it is equivalent to, at most, two months of net rent (excluding charges).
It allows the owner to guard against possible damages, which would be attributable to you and which could be observed at the time of your departure (see "State of play").
More generally, it guarantees the proper fulfillment of the conditions stipulated in the lease. It must be returned within two months after return of the keys (see "departure formalities").
Contrary to preconceived notions, the lessor may collect the security deposit, the rent for the current month or the rent for the first month, including the provision for charges.

Home insurance : it is compulsory for unfurnished rentals and must cover the rental risks.
You will have to bring your certificate of insurance with the delivery of the keys. The lessor can at any time demand proof of your contract subscription or the payment of your premiums. Failure to do so may result in the termination of your lease.

If it is not compulsory for furnished flats, we advise you to make sure, because your liability can be incurred in the event of a disaster.

In general, insurers offer "multi-risk" contracts, covering both the risks of fire, explosion, water damage and theft. In addition, home insurance is compulsorily a guarantee against natural disasters, storms and attacks or acts of terrorism.
For optimum coverage, subscribe to the "leakage" and "broken glass" guarantees (interesting when the unit is equipped with double glazing, the change of which can be very expensive).
In case of water damage, in addition to the leakage work, the work necessary to locate and repair the leak will be taken care of.

Do not undervalue your capital, and carefully read all the deductibles, exclusions, and repayment ceilings before signing your contract.

HLM organizations : They offer different conditions related to their status: the rent is payable in arrears, the security deposit is equivalent to a month's rent and no fees will be charged.

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