Scholarships and student loans

In order to help you realize your projects, many solutions are available to you.
These are scholarships and student loans.


Perhaps you are one of the students who are eligible for a scholarship?
Scholarships on social criteria, scholarships, scholarship DEA-DESS ...

Inquire with your CROUS, it would be too stupid to miss out!
The CROUS administers the DSE (Student Social File), which makes it possible to simultaneously request scholarships and housing.

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Banks offer loans "special students" up to 50 000 €. Refunds are made after the end of the study period.
Be careful, however, to negotiate the rate so that you do not have to worry about debt ... and play the competition: the banker "of the family" does not necessarily have the best offer!


Credit can be a solution to finance your studies or other projects, especially since your student status gives you access to the rather advantageous conditions offered by the banks. To get the most out of these benefits, you need to have some benchmarks.

Enjoy flexibility

Immediate or staggered funds release, possibility to postpone your refunds, modify your monthly payments, pay in advance ... Student Credit adapts very easily to your situation and the departure conditions can be modified if your situation changes.
Namely: the granting of a student credit can be done during the course of studies. You do not have to justify your projects but you will have to prove your status as a student (student card or other proof).

Control the cost

The rate

Banks are very active in the "student market" and generally offer particularly attractive pricing terms. The method of determining the rate may vary from bank to bank and may depend, for example, on your level of education. Similarly, preferential conditions may be granted under partnership agreements with your school or university. Check with your school.
Tip: Rather than just going to the bottom of your home, check out the agencies in the vicinity of your campus. If there is a "special offer", that's where you find it.

The duration

Repayment terms play an essential role. The longer your credit time, the higher the final cost. You must optimize, according to your possibilities, the combination duration / amount of monthly payments in order to repay as soon as possible.
Banks' websites or apps often offer simulation tools that allow you to get a first idea. But you always have an interest in meeting a bank advisor who will offer you more personalized simulations, integrating all the particularities of your own situation.


The Overall Effective Rate is a "technical" means of expressing the cost of your credit, depending on the configuration chosen. It includes the interest rate, but also the ancillary costs (insurance, handling fees if applicable) and takes into account the repayment terms.

The caution

When you can not justify regular income, it is a precaution frequently taken by the bank in case you can not repay your credit. A parent, relative or friend then acts as guarantor and co-signs the loan.

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