LOCA-PASS: another type of housing aid

LOCA-PASS is a service offered by Action Logement, which included, until May 2019, the LOCA-PASS advance and the LOCA-PASS guarantee
Since this date, it is no longer possible to subscribe to the LOCA-PASS guarantee. The latter has been replaced by VISALE.
The LOCA-PASS advance is always available, it allows the immediate payment of a security deposit even when you do not immediately have the necessary funds. It aims to facilitate access to housing for young people under the age of 30. It can therefore be used for access to student accommodation, under certain conditions.

In this article, find everything you need to know about the LOCA-PASS service:

How to request a LOCA-PASS?

The LOCA-PASS request must be made no later than 2 months after arrival in the accommodation. The request can be made online. It is also possible to test your eligibility online
If the tenant had already obtained a LOCA-PASS advance for a previous accommodation, it must have been reimbursed before being able to obtain a new one.

The LOCA-PASS advance: what is it?

In the case of a rental, as soon as it meets the allocation criteria, the tenant can benefit from assistance to finance his security deposit. This is the LOCA-PASS advance.
It is a zero-rate loan intended to cover all or part of the security deposit required by the owner when entering the premises of the tenant.
The tenant must submit his file to an Action Logement organization near his home, at the latest 2 months after entering the premises.
The request is examined within 8 days of its receipt. If there is no response within this period, the Loca-Pass advance is considered to have been granted.
The amount of the advance amounts to a maximum of € 1,200. The advance must be repaid:

  • In a maximum of 25 months, with the possibility of a first deferred payment period of 3 months
  • With monthly payments of a minimum amount of € 20.

In the event of a lease of less than 25 months (case of furnished rentals), the duration of the loan is aligned with the duration of the lease.
In the event of early departure from the accommodation, that is to say before the end of the lease, the balance must be reimbursed within a maximum of 3 months.

What are the conditions for obtaining the LOCA-PASS advance?

Two types of people are eligible for the LOCA-PASS advance, private sector employees and people under the age of 30 who meet at least one of these criteria :

  • Students in professional training in a company
  • Students who have signed an internship agreement of at least 3 months in progress
  • Students holding a fixed-term contract with a minimum duration of 3 months in progress, and those justifying 3 months of work in the last 6 months
  • Salaried students with scholarship student status
  • People looking for work

The dwellings concerned are those used for the main residence and rented under a residential lease.

LOCA-PASS guarantee and Visale guarantee

The LOCA-PASS guarantee: what was it ?

The LOCA-PASS guarantee was a guarantee of payment of rent and charges in the event of non-payment by the tenant: it served as a deposit for the lessor.
The maximum amount of the guarantee was equal to 9 months of rent and charges, up to a limit of € 2,000 per month, minus housing aid.
In the event of unpaid rents, the Loca-Pass guarantee was implemented at the request of the lessor with the body of Action Logement, after formal notice to the tenant.

The Visale guarantee replaces the LOCA-PASS guarantee today 

The LOCA-PASS guarantee can no longer be taken out since May 2019. It has been replaced by the Visale guarantee. This is also offered by Action Logement, and thus makes it possible to have a guarantor.
It allows the tenant to find accommodation more easily by reassuring the owners.

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