CAF: housing aid (APL and ALS)

Three types of housing assistance can be granted depending on the accommodation and your personal situation:

  • Social Housing Allowance (ALS) if you are a single student or a couple, with no dependents
  • The Family Housing Allowance (ALF) if you are an isolated student or in a couple with dependents, in mainland France or in the French overseas departments
  • Personalized housing assistance (APL) is for single students or couples with or without dependents, who live in a dormitory with a convention in metropolitan France.

These three aids can not be cumulated between them.

To benefit from student housing assistance (ALS, ALF or APL):

  • You must be a French citizen.
    If you are a citizen of the European Economic Area (Eee) or Switzerland, you must provide proof of a right to stay, that is to say, be a student, be covered by health insurance and certify sufficient resources.
    If you are in a different situation, you must have a valid residence permit;
  • You must hold your lease (except for non-emancipated minors);
  • You must not be related to the owner of your acommodation (the owner must not be a parent or grandparent of yourself or your spouse, cohabiting partner or partner);
  • You must have resources of less than a certain amount (for information purposes, a single person at the SMIC has no right to housing assistance);
  • You must pay a housing charge (rent or royalty);
  • You must reside in a decent accommodation with minimum comfort

To have an estimate of the amount of your help: Make a simulation of your situation by clicking her.

To know more :

There are two types of housing subsidies paid by CAF: the ALS and the APL. They are unfortunately not cumulative.

Attention: the accommodation in which you live must not belong to your parents!

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