Heating, water, electricity

Depending on the residence, heating, electricity and water are included in the rent, please inquire at the time of booking.

If this is not the case in your home, learn how to make the best use of your facilities to save money.

To get an idea of the consumption of your home near your sales office (EDF / GDF, Véolia or other), it will inform you on the scales "consumption / volume of parts / equipment / nb of persons" established by technicians .

Did you know ?

  • A convector consumes less energy if it is switched on 24/24 in the minimum position than if it undergoes large variations in setting.
  • 1 ° more on your heating is equal to 7% more on your invoice ... It is important to adjust the thermostat to save!
  • Dusting bulbs saves 30% luminosity
  • Leaving the faucet running while brushing teeth (3 mins) is equivalent to 24 bottles of water 1.5 liters wasted.
  • A tap that drips, it's almost 100 liters of water lost per day.
  • A laptop consumes between 50 and 80% less energy than a fixed computer.

Make a gesture for the planet!

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