Student room and studio: how to find your home ?

If you have not been admitted to a university residence or if you are looking for more independence, you can turn to renting a room or a student studio on your own:

Between individuals

The private owners of apartments of small surfaces (less than 30 m²) have a strong student clientele :

  • They offer furnished or unfurnished accommodation, most often with an equipped kitchenette and a private bathroom.
  • Some of them are eligible for housing assistance from CAF or ALS.

Be careful though! The quality / price ratio of these accommodations is extremely variable.

  • You will have to visit several before finding the right one!

With a real estate agency

Real estate agencies have multiple advantages when it comes to renting. Indeed, they take care of all the details. It is enough for you :

  • To submit a complete application
  • To fill in your rental criteria (budget, surfaces, place of research)

This implies a considerable saving of time.

  • The lots they offer will surely be of superior quality and comply with the laws in force
  • Remember to consult the law in force (ALUR) which determines the ceilings according to the agglomeration of your rental
  • Search the internet to find an agency that meets your expectations and your budget

Be accompanied in your search for accommodation

There are many services to assist you in your search for accommodation :

  • Many universities and other higher education institutions have partnerships with agencies or student residences
    Do not hesitate to contact your student organization or secretariat for more information.
  • Crous offers a specific online service of private classifieds offered exclusively, without agency fees.
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