APL : All you need to know about the Personalized Housing Aid

The APL, or Personalized Housing Aid, is financial assistance for housing paid to tenants, declared sub-tenants, residents in foster homes or to first-time buyers repaying an approved loan.
It aims to reduce the amount of the rent or monthly loan payment.

The APL can be paid by the CAF to the applicant, or directly to the lessor. In this second case, the tenant only pays the owner the remaining balance.

The APL is very useful to reduce your expenses during move in, for example, into student accommodation.

The eligibility criteria for the APL

The eligibility criteria for the APL, like its amount, depend on:
  • Family situation and dependents living in your household
  • Resources of the people making up the household
  • Financial wealth of the people living in the home
  • The amount of the rent

To find out more precisely if you are eligible and for what amount, you can make an estimate of the amount of your aid according to your situation on the caf.fr .

The conditions for granting the APL

The conditions for granting the APL depend on several criteria:

  • Your accommodation:
    • It must meet the criterion of decency and minimum occupancy conditions , in particular in terms of area
    • It must be your main residence
    • The accommodation must be subsidized (conventionné in French). It is the owner who tells you whether the accommodation is or not.
  • Your personal income, your savings and your property
  • The composition of your family
  • Your current professional situation

The steps to obtain the APL

The steps to obtain the APL can be carried out directly online, on the website of the family allowance fund (caf) or the agricultural social insurance (MSA) depending on the scheme to which you are attached.
In general, APL files are created on the initiative of the lessor or the manager. But the request, from the point of view of CAF, is your responsibility: check the content of the file and especially if it is sent on time.

Documents to provide

The documents necessary to make an APL request are:

  • A bank identity statement (RIB)
  • A rent receipt
  • An ID
  • Your account statements to know your assets
  • Your latest property tax notice
  • Your last tax notice
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