ALS : everything there is to know about the Social Housing Allowance

If you are a student and you are planning to move to France, you might be interested in applying for the the Social Housing Allowance (ALS).
The ALS is not reserved to students only, but it is the most widely accorded to students. It concerns unsubsudized (non conventionné in French) housing. This housing aid reduces the amount to be paid by the tenant and it is granted every month.

To understand how the ALS works, you can find on this page :

What are the criteria needed to obtain the ALS ?

People who are not eligible to the APL or ALF, the other two types of housing aids, can be eligible to the ALS.

To benefit from the ALS, you must meet certain criteria :

  • To be a tenant in France
  • To be under 30 years old
  • For non-EU citizens, to have a valid resident permit

Concerning the flat, it has to be your primary residence and it has to be at least 9m2 and 20m3.

It can be :

  • A room in a student hall of residence
  • A flat or a house
  • A furnished or non-furnished rental

What are the steps to follow to obtain the ALS ?

To obtain the ALS, you can do an online application on the CAF’s website. You will be asked the following documents :

  • Copy of your ID (passport, birth certificate, visa)
  • Your bank account details (also known in France as your RIB)
  • Your housing rental contract

How much is the ALS allowance ?

The ALS will be calculated according to your income, the number of people living in the appartment and the size of the appartment. The amount of the aid will thus depend on :

  • The composition of your household
  • Your income
  • Your family’s income
  • The amount of rent you pay
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