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Complete each of the information requested on the booking form for both the tenant and the guarantor (s).
This information is necessary for your application to rent a student accommodation.

Validate and file your file. After completing all the fields on the reservation form, you will have to validate the information provided so that the form is sent to the manager of the residence who will read your file and will process it.
Otherwise, your booking form will be in "incomplete" status, it will not be sent to the manager. You will have 7 days to validate your information or complete your file in your Adele account and will not be sent to the manager. Beyond these 7 days your file will be canceled.

Download your supporting documents, remember that a residence manager receives a lot of rental requests, the faster your file is completed, the faster it will be processed. The vouchers are requested by the managers of residences and can vary from one manager to another.
The most requested supporting documents:

  • For the student tenant: ID card, valid passport or residence permit - Student card (or other proof of tuition) - Certificate of scholarship (if fellow) - Certificate of training (if trainee) - Statement of Banking Identity Or Postal.
  • For the guarantor: Identity card, passport or valid residence permit - Proof of income (last 3 salary slips (if employed) - Proof of pension (if retired) - Proof of residence - Last rent receipt (if tenant) - Last property tax 2 faces (if owner) - Last Taxation Notice (4 faces) or Tax Statement 2035 (if professional).

Exchange with the residence. On Adele, you have the possibility to exchange with the manager of the residence via the thread of discussion. If you have any questions, you can also consult the Adele FAQ, send us an email to or call our Customer Relations Department at 0890 711 530 (1).

You have completed your reservation form, uploaded your supporting documents and the manager of the residence has accepted your file for the rental of a dwelling in his residence. Check your Adele account frequently to keep track of your progress.

Receive your lease. Your lease can be sent by the manager directly to your Adele account. You will then have to download it, print it, sign it and return it by mail to the manager with the required elements and within the deadlines. Check your Adele account frequently!
The lease can also be sent to you by mail by the manager. Reserving student accommodation on is free and without obligation on your part. Only a lease signed by you will hire you at the chosen residence.

Do not hesitate to deposit several reservation files to multiply your chances of obtaining housing.

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